Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Things I'm Gonna Do For My Wedding

These are all tricks I've learned from my friends and glad they showed me all these nifty things that will make my future wedding day a success!

10) Make sure that my dresses come from the best dress maker in the world: David's Bridal.

9) Choose a date around a holiday because this will be the most effortless way to make sure my guests can't come since traveling on, before, during, or after holidays is very expensive (example: Christmas, Labor Day, 4th of July, etc).

8) Choose colors like lovely lilac, acidic aquamarine, or i'm not a waitress red for bridesmaids to ensure they will never wear the dress again...I'm a one dress for every occassion kinda gal.

7) Demand that everyone wear the same fabulous payless dyed shoes....soooo comfortable....

6) Constantly remind everyone that it is "MY" wedding thus it shall be my way or the highway...

5) Alienate single friends by reminding them that they are so old and sooo single....then ask, "What is wrong with you that no one will marry you?"

4) Have all my bridesmaids have the same hair style...right now, I'm thinking Mardi Gras colored braids...that will be a first for all my white friends....I love helping people open up to new experiences.

3) Swear that the dress I have selected for my bridesmaids are UBER flattering....I think everyone looks good in fishtail dresses with ruffles.....

2) Throw a themed bridal shower with my affianced: "Pirates and Princess!" All would have to dress appropriately.

1) Have a couples only dance....once again, I'm just trying to make it apparent how alone the single folks are....don't want them thinking they are happy in their single state....what kinda sicko would I be then.

I'm here world.....

First and foremost, I would like to say PHO!!!!!!!!!! If any of you are familar with the Vietnamese noodle soup you know how to pronouce that word and it is not prounouced "fo". Anyways, just wanted to see how this worked and my next post will be of more substance.