Friday, May 16, 2008

The Fragrance of Love at the Gym

Top reasons I wish I could get over myself and talk to the cute guy at my gym:

I’m convinced we already have something in common: We like to work out. In fact, now that I fearlessly walk into gym man-land (commonly called free weights zone), he and I have more in common…now if only he and I could talk.

I’m not sure, but I think he’s checking me out sometimes. The reverse of that is he might be wondering why my strength exercise form (still working on doing the “dead man” lift correctly) is still a bit sloppy.

I could return my focus back to proper exercise form and listening to inspiring music on my MP3. Great songs such as, “Don’t stop Believin” by Journey or “Blame it on the Rain” by Milli Vanilli deserve my full attention. Oh wait, I reckon Milli Vanilli didn’t “actually” sing that song...oh well…you know what I mean.

So I can stop thinking of him as the 'gym guy'. If we ever get around to introductions and I learn his real name, I probably mistakenly call him 'gym guy' because that's been his name in my head for way to long.

I’ve seen the other girls checking him out, but he doesn’t seem to notice them. When I come in, I see the subtle look he gives me…of course, he could have something in his eye…or he could be looking at me…or he could like me…or he could like me not…dag-nabit!

I might actually have more than 2 dates this year. Honestly, what does it take to get a guy to ask you out…and I’m not talking about those guys with their tongues out looking you over as if you are the freshest piece of fried chicken in the KFC bucket…eeeewwwww

I can wear my Steve Madden heals and not feel so self conscious when I'm standing next to my man. See, gym guy is tall. And since I’m a tall lady, I will not have to tower over him or when we slow dance, he won’t try to rest his head on my breasts.

He could be fun. He might like to dance, go karaoke, dramatically act out parts of the bible and do other activities with me.

He behaves like a grown man. I’m over being in like with 27 year old guys who act like 5th graders. You know who I'm talking about...those guys who treat you like a girlfriend, but has never asked you out. Those guys who want to spend time with you and tell you all their problems, but for some reason asks out girls that have no interest in the "real" them. I decided last year I was done with these fake boyfriends. I want a real Man-friend. I get the feeling that gym guy is a MAN. Like he's not afraid of hard work...Yep, gym guy seems fly and that’s what a sistah wants these days…