Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Metro Wishes Today and All That Jazz

Top ten things I wish would have happened on Metro today:

Dancing. This is how I see it happening: A woman dressed in a Chiquita banana outfit steps on the train at Farragut West and says, “ Ello, metro cous-tim-airs! Tu-day we Salsa!” Then Celia Cruz starts playing over the loud speakers and one by one, stuffy orange line customers begin to salsa…Ole!

Connections. You know what I mean. The torrid eye affair you’ve been having with that cute guy or gal for 3 weeks, but neither of you have actually done or said anything to make it past eye contact. Come on people…let’s make a love connection…

Manners. Why are you telling your wife about your horrible day on your Verizon cell phone while in the prescence of people you don't know on public transportation? Do you think I want to know how much you hate your boss? I don’t! Get off the phone.

Fewer Tunnel Fires. Again for those not familiar with subway train riding, occasionally a fire happens inside the tunnels on the tracks…very smoky…which leads me to---

More Concerned Metro Customers: When most people smell smoke, they think, “FIRE!” Well, not on metro. I have seen a haze of smoke so thick you'd think we were in a Cigar Lounge. Everytime this happens, I look up to make sure my contacts are not drying out and giving my vision a smokey glaze. I am one of 2 or 3 passengers that usually notices. When I first moved here I thought I was crazy…then I realized later, I just wasn’t desensitized yet…

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